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Harkila Heat Range Review

The Härkila Heat Range is made with the brand new Harkila Heat Control Technology which has been developed over time to maintain a perfect temperature and prolong the effective hunting time. Heat Control Technology is changing the way we hunt by incorporating heating pads into the fabric to allow you to control your temperature. This innovative technology gives you maximum control of your micro-environment.  The Härkila Heat Range comes in a O-Neck Jacket, O-Neck Waistcoat and V-Neck Waistcoat.

We have been lucky enough to test the Harkila Heat Jacket and we think it’s great and definitely recommend it! We loved the innovative HEAT technology that has been designed by Harkila! It uses a thin heating membrane to warm your body safely and effectively for maximum comfort and performance. This membrane is powered by a powerbank in the pocket (powerbank is not included) and can withstand being folded and packed. The jacket is controlled by your smartphone or the button on the upper centre of the jacket, this button has 3 temperatures for manual setting and the smartphone connection is very fast at responding! For more information on how to use the HEAT range, click here.

The lining of the jacket retains and distributes heat evenly around the jacket keeping your temperature at your own desired amount. The Härkila Heat jacket has a soft micro fleece inside collar and thermo poly shield padding as well as stretch comfort panels making it soft and comfortable.

A 10000mAh powerpack provides the wearer with up to 7 hours warmth on a single charge. This technology allows you to use any powerpack and swap them when you’re out in the harsh environments, to provide you with all day warmth.

Heat Jacket

These lightweight waistcoats and jacket come with Thermo PolyShield insulation, an insulation created from super soft, fine polyester fibres that are comfortable and lightweight as well as quick drying. The completely waterproof power connector allows that jacket to be washed as normal, providing the powerpack has been disconnected.

Stay in control of your own body temperature using the Harkila HEAT app on your smartphone or use the three temperature manual control button attatched to your garment. The HEAT app is easy to use simply connect your garment to the powerpack, open the app and connect your smartphone to your jacket/waistcoat and turn up the heat!

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