Six Key Items For The Shooting Season

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Six Key Items For The Shooting Season

Six Key Items For The Shooting Season


The most important item on our list is a top quality jacket, a sound investment because if you get it right first time you are potentially saving hundreds of pounds and gaining an invaluable piece of kit that will not only serve as your shooting / hunting jacket but can be worn around town, walking the dog or whenever the weather turns against you. Whether you prefer traditional or modern is just a matter of taste these days as our range of shooting jackets are both, modern tweed fabrics are lightweight, waterproof and incorporate membranes to make them 100% waterproof. Key features to look for are cartridge pockets with hold open straps, storm cuffs, action back tailoring so you can swing your arms when shooting. Our top pick for the season The Laksen Ainsley Wingfield Coat stylish, lightweight, packed with all the key features and smart enough to wear around the town. We love the hounds tooth tweed which can be worn with the rest of Ainsley range and trust us these jacket are waterproof! field tested to the extreme.



Who doesn’t like to dress up every now and again? Shooting breeks may look strange to the uninitiated but nothing completes the country look better than good pair of breeks. Tradition and style aside they form an important function of practicality, anyone who has walked through long wet grass, muddy fields, thick brush will understand that a pair of loose fitting trousers will drag in the mud and the water will slowly creep up the legs. Breeks on the other hand allow you to wear a long sock that is much more comfortable slipping into wellies or long boots and wearing gaiters, the end result your calves remain clean, comfortable and elegantly styled.

Breeks will always form part of the formal dress required when out in the feild both for men and women and with modern tweed and technology our pick is again a pair of breeks from Laksen. Laksen has lined their breeks with a membrane to make them waterproof, perfect! Why not team your jacket with the Ainsley breeks?



Now that you have the body and top of the legs covered what about the lower legs? Shooting socks are a statement piece and you can demonstrate your personality and style with a good pair from House of Cheviot woven in the Scottish borders using traditional methods. These socks are guaranteed to last with lots of styles to choose from and don’t forget the garter ties which are gain traditional style pieces but also keep your socks from falling down. We like to match the colour of our socks to our tie or cravat.


This one comes down to personal preference and of course the weather! If the ground is boggy and waterlogged wear some wellies but for the most part we prefer a good pair of boots, they support your ankle better, are more comfortable for a days walking and keep your feet warm or cool with better breathabilty than a pair of rubber boots. We have many styles to choose from but they key things to look for are a waterproof membrane, solid foot bed and a grippy sole. We cant find fault with the Harkila Pro Hunter GTX 12″ boots as we have previously mentioned in a previous post, one of our customers has worn them for six seasons and never washed them!

Shooting Boots


Something often overlooked but something I never leave the house without when going shooting. A quality pair of leather shooting gloves can really improve your day if its cold and windy! who wants to stand on a peg in the biting cold holding your gun waiting for the birds to fly? then when they do you can’t pull the trigger and reload fast enough because your fingers are frozen stiff! We love the Laksen London Leather gloves one our best sellers as they are comfortable and form fitting and very tight which is important in a good shooting glove.


Maybe its too warm for a jacket so a shooting waistcoat is enough (not in this list as we will post that in another thread) but its still a little chilly, the most popular trend now seen on shoots up and down the country is a shooting waistcoat worn over a jumper. It allows you to stay warm but doesn’t restrict any movement as wearing a jacket might and you just feel lighter! The difference between a windproof knit jumper and one that isn’t is a very clever membrane that blocks the cold wind from blowing through the knitted fabric but is also breathable. Trust us when we say you can feel the difference on a cold breezy day and a windproof jumper is better than wearing a jacket. Our favourite is the Laksen Windsor Windbreaker worn underneath your waistcoat, the extra layer and elbow patches also add more protection from the recoil on those busy days!