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Gamekeeper Clothing

Please browse our selection of Gamekeeper Clothing . If you have any questions please get in touch and a member of our team will assist in any way they can.

The job of the Gamekeeper is one of the oldest in the UK. Gamekeepers have been employed for hundreds of years - originally to protect the Royal Estates supplies of Game & eer from poachers during medieval times. The role of Gamekeeper today has diversified massively, gamekeepers today have to wear many different hats (literally!) and duties include everything from deterring poaching and running shoot days, across to hatching day old game bird chicks and carrying out a complete array of vermin control. These activities not only benefit the shooting estate economically, but also the wildlife and environment they work in. 

A massive number of the sites of scientific special interest in the UK are managed by gamekeepers, who’s work enhances the protected environment. Depending upon where in the country the gamekeeper is employed, there can be a number of different gamekeeping jobs and responsibilities. Upland gamekeepers work across Moorland habitats, lowland gamekeepers work in lower lying woodland and farmland. Stalkers/Ghillies can also be classed as gamekeepers, and mainly work in the highlands of Scotlands. River Keepers protect river stocks of trout and salmon. 

Gamekeepers have a demanding job, and often have to be a real jack of all trades - one day they can be fixing pheasant release pens and the next day they can be out trapping vermin. Similarly, during the season they can be running a shoot day and looking after important clients, whilst also being invited to go beating and shooting on other shooting estates. 

The massive array of tasks that a Gamekeeper can find themselves carrying out, means that a wide range of gamekeeper clothing is required. Long days out in the field can see many different weather conditions, and especially in remote places -weather can vary dramatically from hour to hour. All clothing needs to be tough and robust, and needs to be able to survive the rigours of a day's work, from crawling through hedges, through crops, over barbed wire fences whilst keeping the wearer both warm and dry. 

Often, a shooting estate will provide a uniform for a shoot day - with breeks, shooting jackets and suits being the order of the day. Boots or wellingtons can be used for such formal days. Day to day, waterproof and tough clothing is the order of the day - with technical trousers, jackets and layers providing all day comfort. 

Camouflage gamekeeper clothing is also a popular choice for gamekeepers, especially for those carrying out vermin control. You can view the complete range of gamekeeper clothing across this page - and please do get in touch if you have any questions about the collection.

Game Keeper Jacket by Shooterking Game Keeper Jacket by Shooterking
Game Keeper Jacket by Shooterking
Visent Jacket by Harkila Visent Jacket by Harkila
Visent Jacket by Harkila
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Lairg Wool Field Jacket by Hoggs of Fife Lairg Wool Field Jacket by Hoggs of Fife
Lairg Wool Field Jacket by Hoggs of Fife
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