If you have a question about the service we provide, please feel free to contact us or you may fins the answer to your question below.

Q. Can I return an item purchased as a Christmas gift?

A. Yes, Our returns period has been extended until the 8th January 2018 for all purchases.

Q. Can I return faulty/damaged products?

A. Yes, our products are covered by the manufacturers warranty. If your new product has a fault please return to us straight away and we will replace it. If your product has become faulty over a period of time due to a manufacturers defect again please return to us and the manufacturer will assess the product before any exchange / refund is given. Please be aware that general wear and tear will not be covered.

Q - How long will it take for my order to be dispatched?

A - Generally if we have the item you have ordered in stock at our head office then we will be able to dispatch it same day or the next day with next day delivery (depending on location). If we do not have the item you ordered at our head office then we will have to wait for it to come to us from our many suppliers. Orders from the supplier usually take 4 to 5 working days to arrive with us (Up to 10 working days during busy periods) and we will then dispatch your item for next day delivery.

Q. Why do you show products being in stock if you do not actually have them at your head office?

A - As a small online retailer like many others we do not have the capacity to hold every size, colour and style of every product in stock at any one time. Instead we have a live stock feed with suppliers showing up to date stock levels of available products, this enables us to give you the customer the very best range of products at the very best prices. It will just take that little bit longer.


Q - I have returned a faulty item and received a replacement. The same problem that occurred with the original item has now occurred with the replacement during the item’s guarantee. Can I receive a refund for this defective item?

A – Unfortunately we only allow refunds to be given within the first 7 days of your item being delivered if you find a fault, although we can be flexible depending on the circumstances of your situation. If your product has become faulty over a period of time then it becomes a warranty claim and we will endeavour to replace the product(s) if it falls within the manufactures warranty guarantee. More information can be found on the Brands website.


Q – Where is the tracking information for my order?

A - You should receive tracking information via text or email. The best way to do this is to provide us with your mobile number when ordering.


Q – Will I receive tracking information for my order?

A – Yes. Once your order has been placed, you will receive a confirmation email notifying you that your order has been placed successfully. When your order is dispatched, you will receive an email notifying you of the dispatch and your order will then be tracked. Whilst in the process of dispatch and delivery you will receive emails which will contain tracking information on the whereabouts of your order. If you haven't received an order confirmation email then your details may be incorrect.


Q – What is the warranty/guarantee for your products?

A – All products come with a 12 month guarantee. If your product becomes faulty within 12 months from your purchase please contact us and we will assess the validity of a claim and we will then send it off to the supplier to be tested for any faults. Once the product has been tested, the supplier will decide upon whether the fault is a result of a manufacturing problem or just general wear and tear. If the fault is a manufacturer problem, you will receive a replacement for your product. If the fault is a result of general wear and tear then we will be unable to issue a replacement.


Q – How do I return products to Great British Outfitters?

A – You will need to return the product back to us in packaging via mail. You must include the returns form within the package or we cannot identify the sender, therefore the item will be disposed of. If you do not have a returns form you can download one here.


Q – What are the opening/closing times for Great British Outfitters’ showroom?

A – We are open from 9am until 6pm, Monday to Friday.

Q – I cannot see the item I want on site. Can you supply this?

A – Most items that do not appear online are offline because they have been discontinued, or they may be out of stock temporarily. It is rare that we will have an active item offline, but if you believe that we may have an item offline that is in stock and would like to purchase that item, please give us a call on  0844 858 4587.


Q – I need some professional advice before purchasing. Do you have trained staff who can do this?

A – Our staff are trained and experienced and ready to answer any queries you have. If we do not have the answer right away we will endeavour to find out.


Q – I have ordered an item online which is in stock, but I have just received information informing me that the item I have ordered is now out of stock and I cannot receive the item. Why do you advertise items online that you don’t hold in stock?

A – As an online retailer we always have to update stock levels. Product statuses can change within seconds so we try to update and check all of our stock as soon as we can and as frequent as we can. We have hundreds of items online so this can take some time and an item may go out of stock before we can get around to updating its status. If you happen to find yourself in this situation please contact us. We can offer you an alternative item, a refund or information on when the item will be coming back in stock.


Q – I haven’t heard anything about my order since I placed it. Why?

A – Most of the time if you haven’t heard anything about your order since you placed it, it’s because we are in the process of fulfilling it for you and everything is fine, you will recive an email once it has been dispatched. Sometimes we can experience delays in deliveries, due to busy schedules; this is most common during busy times, like the hunting and shooting season. If you feel the need to speak to someone about your order please call or email us.


Q – I would like to change an item on the order. How can I do this?

A – You can simply call or email us and we can then exchange the item you have ordered for the item that you wish to purchase.


Q – I would like to change the delivery address on my recently placed order. How can I do this?

A – You need to call or email us as soon as possible with the updated address because orders can be dispatched as soon as the next day. We do ship with DPD and as long as you have provided a working email address or mobile contact number DPD will contact you with a range of options for delivery.


Q – I am sending an item back for an exchange/refund. Why do I have to pay carriage back to you?

A – Unfortunately we do not offer a free returns policy unless in the event of a mistake or faulty product that was faulty upon delivery. 

Q – I was not home in time for my delivery and the goods have been returned to sender. What happens now?

A – The goods are never returned back to Great British Outfitters if you miss a delivery. DPD will leave a note and return the goods to their depot to be safely stored until a new delivery date and time can be arranged. They will make three attempts at delivery before it is returned to the sender. In the rare instance this occurs we will have charge you for a re-delivery.


Q – I have struggled to make a payment. Can I pay with another method?

A – If you are struggling to pay with the method you are currently using, it’s fine you have the choice of these three methods below to make a payment or please contact us via telephone as often small errors can be corrected over the phone.

·         Debit/Credit card

·         PayPal


 Q – I ordered an item for next day delivery. Why did it not arrive the next day?

 A – A common misconception about online retailers is that we have every single item ready to be shipped as soon as the order comes in, as much as we would like to this is simply no the case. Great British Outfitters does not have the space required to store all of its products therefore some products must be ordered in from the supplier, which can take around 4 to 5 working days. This way we can offer you the customer the very best range of products at the best possible prices, so do please be patient we are working on getting you exactly what you want and in the quickest possible time. If you do require an urgent delivery please contact us we can always try to do our best for you.