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Leather Dog Lead Igualdad by Pampeano

SKU: DLD-IGD-01PampeanoOut of Stock

Product Description

Celebrate with the stunning Igualdad dog lead from pampeano. This luxury leather accessory for your dog is hand stitched with colourful thread, adding a bit of fun to your furry best friend.

This eye-catching dog lead is adorned with all the colours of the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple; all framed by luxury Havana brown leather. This timeless colour combination embodies celebration and joy, and the robust wax-dipped saddlery threads ensure the colours stay bright for many years. The dazzling colours are hand stitched in pampeano’s iconic pampa diamond motif, which reflects the ancient Andes mountain range which overlooks the La Pampa region of Argentina, where pampeano was born.

Each of pampeano’s luxury leather leads are hand-made by local artisans using local materials in La Pampa. Hand picked top-grain Argentine cow leather undergoes a traditional vegetable tanning process, ensuring the leather remains butter-soft and only improves over the years. Then, the thread is hand stitched and the fastening mechanism is added. All of this ensures that our products are reliable, durable and stylish - meaning your lead will last many years, however much it gets dragged through the mud, or pulled or played with by your dog.