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Pampa Hat Band - Turqoise/Navy/Cream by Pampeano

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Product Description

Indulge in the holiday spirit every day with the premium leather Pampa hat band by Pampeano. Adorned with intricately hand stitched threading in turquoise, navy, and cream, this timeless colour combination adds a touch of elegance to any hat.

The cream accent particularly complements gaucho style hats and wide brimmed sun hats, creating a cohesive and stylish look. Measuring 55cm in length, this hat band features an adjustable leather cord for a perfect fit every time. At Pampeano, they believe in drawing inspiration from nature, and this hat band reflects the serene blues of ocean waves meeting creamy sands along the coast of Argentina. With this hat band, you'll always feel like you're on vacation.

Crafted by highly skilled local artisans using traditional techniques and locally sourced materials, Pampeano's premium leather accessories ensure exceptional quality that only improves with time.