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Sporting Estate Socks by Harkila

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Product Description

Harkila Sporting Estate Socks are a high quality merino wool mens shooting sock that come with garter ties. They are made from 70% Extrafine Merino Wool, 19% Coolmax/X-static, 6 %Elastin, 4% Lycra, 1% Polyamide. This technical sock is a state of the art compression sock that gives you the added benefit of enhanced blood circulation whilst retaining all the charm of this classic shooting sock.

Compression socks increase blood circulation and are well-suited for sedentary hunts. They are also used by top athletes, for instance runners, to enhance performance. The socks ensure a constant and moderate pressure on the lower leg to counteract tired and cold feet. In short, compression socks make the days shooting more comfortable.

Harkila Sporting Estate Socks are a technical sock offering many benefits over standard shooting socks.

  • Enhanced circulation in your lower legs and feet
  • Less tendency to sleepy legs at the end of the day
  • Your feet keep warm for a longer time
  • Less swelling after sitting still or standing for a couple of hours
  • After a long days use your feet and legs will feel less tired
  • Garter Ties
  • Harkila uses extra fine Merino wool