What To Wear For The Upcoming Grouse Shooting Season

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What To Wear For The Upcoming Grouse Shooting Season

What To Wear For The Upcoming Grouse Shooting Season

Grouse shooting season is fast approaching with the widely celebrated Glorious Twelfth only a matter of weeks away, and whether you’ve been Grouse shooting before or it’s your first time you want to look the part, that’s why we’re offering you an insight on what Grouse shooting clothing is best to wear!

Did you know Grouse can reach speeds of up to 80MPH after only a few beats of their wings and they are able to change direction so quickly that it takes a shooter with an experienced skill set to be able to perform well in the field.

The beginning of the Grouse shooting season often correlates with the warmest days of the year, and just like any day on the peg it is vital that you are kitted out in nothing but the best Grouse shooting clothing so that you can keep your undivided attention on the sport.

We advise the following for grouse shooting:

  • Ensure you have your usual items of ear defenders, glasses and cartridges!
  • Wear a lightweight tweed jacket with an action back, such as the Ainsley Field Sports Jacket, and pair it with matching tweed breeks, Ainsley Breeks, for a practical yet smart look.


  • Wear a dark coloured shirt, this is vital on the moor as the birds are flying at a lower height and towards the gun so to must make sure to blend in, we love the Laksen Grouse Shirt, A fine quality cotton shirt that has been engineered to be the perfect Grouse shooting shirt.


  • Shooting stockings are essential with breeks, merino wool stockings are best for this time of year, we have a variety of fantastic shooting stockings from both Laksen and House of Cheviot, don’t forget your garter ties!


  • If you know the weather for your day ahead is going to be good then a shooting waistcoat will often suffice, we have a range of tweed shooting waistcoats available however the Grouse Genogil Shooting Waistcoat is certainly one of our favourites and is perfect for this time of year!


  • Don’t forget your boots! A good pair of walking boots is the most essential piece of your Grouse shooting outfit, especially seen as the ground is likely to be uneven or heather. We highly recommend the new breathable, waterproof and versatile Harkila Grove GTX boot! We strongly recommend wearing a good quality gaiter with your boots, our personal favourites are the new Seeland Buckthorn Gaiters


  • Remember to accessorise to complete your outfit, here at Great British Outfitters we have a wide range of ties, cuff links, hats and caps for you to choose from, be sure to check them out!