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Pigeon Shooting Clothing

Please browse our Pigeon Shooting Clothing collection . If you have any questions please get in touch and a member of our team will assist in any way they can.

The humble pigeon is many things to many different people - for some it’s a pest, which blights crops and farmland - whilst for others, it’s sporting royalty for shotgun shooters. It’s legal to shoot pigeons all year round in the UK - and there are a number of different ways to hunt these magnificent, high and fast birds. Two main methods of pigeon shooting are flightine shooting and decoy shooting - and th ebest times to shoot pigeons are in later winter and early spiring, when pigeons are feeding on winter rape costs, or in the late summer months when pigeons are on newly cut fields. 

Decoying is one of the most exciting ways to shoot pigeons, and involves displaying decoy birds - which can be either plastic, or dead birds - in an array of patterns, and shooting pigeons that land or fly over the decoy pattern. The guns then sit in a hide and shoot from a concealed position. 

Pigeon Shooting requires plenty of patience, and skill - as well as a good level of camouflage. Pigeons are easily spooked, so camouflage clothing is the order of the day for any avid pigeon shooter. On this page, you can find our full range of recommended pigeon shooting clothing, encompasisng camouflage jackets, caps, trousers and boots. The clothing within this range varies, and there is lightweight summer shooting clothing available, right across to warm shooting clothing, perfect for keeping you warm on winter days in the hide. 

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