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In every ANDREW’s footwear handwork, lives the tradition of Italian footwear: the finest natural tanned leathers, manual cutting, sewing craft, the cleverness of skilful shoemakers and the toughness of assemblies made to last for a life time.

The masterly use of craft techniques such as the “Norwegian-Good Year”, a sophisticated technique which has almost disappeared in the other companies, and the perfect knowledge of the shape and the ergonomics of the foot, give ANDREW a unique comfort and exclusivity.

ANDREW, in order to ensure the best manufacturing quality and the excellence of the materials, maintained the production of its footwear strictly in Montebelluna Italy, an extraordinary area where the best sports footwear brands originated.

Andrew Shoes Italy

The Company. Andrew Footwear was established in 1995.  Signor Baseggio Giuseppe along with partner Signor Rossi Eugenio, founded the brand and company "ANDREW srl" in Montebelluna, the capital of outdoor footwear in Italy. Prior to this they had some 20 years experience so were very well grounded in the art of crafting footwear.

Their philosophy is retaining and perfecting the art, unique characteristics and construction techniques of the "Goodyear Norwegian" welt and stitching, which in the modern world of 'instant is too slow' and the ever demanding drive for automation and economy is now extremely very rare. Their time honoured manufacturing techniques give the ANDREW Footwear brand worldwide recognition.

This time honoured manufacturing technique in combination with modern advances in technologies is THE platform for producing the very best footwear in the world.  Maintaining their build philosophy ANDREW Footwear has developed a wide range of products for the great outdoors and associated activities ...Telemark ski boots, Trekking, Mountaineering, Hunting, Fishing and Military footwear (along with some lifestyle product) ensuring the quality of manufacture and choice of materials distinguishes the philosophy of being made by hand in Italy.

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