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Deer Stalking Clothing

Deer Stalking is one of the most important types of shooting and hunting in the UK and across the world, with massive benefits for not only the local economy of many rural areas - but also massive benefits for deer populations, which require management and culling, thanks to the absence of any natural predators. Other benefits also include the protection of trees and forestry from the damage of deer grazing, with the last benefit being the harvest of delicious venison to eat!

Although Deer Stalking is one of the most exciting forms of shooting, it’s also one of the most challenging. Rugged terrain coupled with unpredictable weather conditions, mean that deer stalking can be incredibly difficult - especially in the extremes of weather found in the world’s best stalking locations, such as the Scottish Highlands. 

What you will wear Deer Stalking will typically depend upon the formality of the shoot day itself. Formal deer stalking days will often require the gun to adhere to a dress code, which usually involves tweed shooting suits. Those stalking on a more relaxed estate, or on their own land and permission - will have a greater freedom as to what they can wear when out shooting - usually favouring technical choices and options. 

Regardless of dress codes - it’s vital that deer stalking clothing is warm, breathable, windproof and waterproof. Deer stalking can be incredibly demanding, with long periods of exhausting climbs crossing difficult terrain, followed by periods laid up perfectly still watching and waiting. As well as keeping you warm and dry, deer stalking jackets and clothing need to provide plenty of movement for different shooting positions. Jackets also need to provide room for layering up with fleeces and base layers, and must also have enough storage for the essentials - such as binoculars, ammunition, knife, and other accessories. 

The Deer Stalking Trousers that you wear, will also depend upon the type of shooting estate that you are visiting. Formal days will require you to wear shooting breeks and shooting socks. Those shooting on more informal occasions will also likely choose technical shooting trousers, which like the jackets are waterproof, windproof and breathable - but most importantly, tough. 

Deer Stalking Footwear is another vital consideration for guns and ghillies alike. Keeping your feet both dry and comfortable when travelling over long distances, over the wet, is essential. Although some choose to wear a comfortable pair of wellies when deer stalking, most choose a pair of hunting boots which are tough enough to cope with trekking across heather moorland. These boots need to be breathable, and provide plenty of support for the ankle. Usually, deer stalking and moorland boots are a high boot, which not only provides extra support - but also extra protection from water ingress. 

Another consideration for deer stalking equipment and clothing, is whether or not to choose camouflage deer stalking clothing or plainer deer stalking clothing. Plain green clothing is always a good choice, with variations on the brown and green base colours blending in well with moorland and typical deer stalking terrain. Camouflage deer stalking clothing is another really popular choice, with realtree and different camouflage patterns providing incredible levels of concealment and camouflage across many different terrains. 

Other essential clothing and accessories include deer stalking gloves and headwear. In Scotland, where midges can be a problem - it’s also a good idea to invest in some insect and midge protection. You can view our complete range of deer stalking clothing and accessories across this page, and please do get in touch if you have any questions about the collection. 

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