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Most shooting in the UK takes place during the colder winter months, and cold, wet weather can make a day out in the field a miserable experience, if you are poorly equipped. In the cold, it’s the extremities such as our hands and feet which feel the coldest. Cold hands are uncomfortable at the best of times, but when they prevent the operation of a shotgun or rifle - then perfomance suffers, when precision is needed most. 

Shooting and hunting gloves need to provide a different performance to normal gloves. Shooting gloves need to be non-slip, they need to be water resistant, but most often - completely waterproof - and they also need to be windproof. As well as all of this, shooting gloves also need to be supple enough to allow free movement of the hands. 

At GB Outfitters, we stock and supply a range of short finger and full finger shooting gloves - which are available to order online. You can view the complete collection above, and please do get in touch if you have any questions about the range. 

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