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Brillo Cosmetic Bag - Brown/Turquoise by Pampeano

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Product Description

Your make up collection will stand out from the crowd with this luxury brown leather Brillo make up bag. The Brillo is proudly emblazoned with Pampeano's signature pampa diamond hand stitched with turquoise thread, making it instantly recognisable as a luxury Pampeano product.

The Brillo is designed for durability and ease of storage; the waterproof nylon lining keeps all mess inside, and it's easy to clean. There are no compartments, allowing freedom to store in a way personal to the customer, and the zipping closure ensures safety of products inside. The leather and thread on the outside is robust and easy to clean, allowing complete peace of mind for the owner of the Brillo.

All of Pampeano's products are made in La Pampa, a beautiful region overlooked by the Andes in the heart of Argentina. Their iconic symbol, the pampa diamond, is an ancient Aztec motif representing the mountain range which has inspired the locals for generations. Pampeano's products are made entirely by local people with local materials, meaning that each product is a genuine slice of South American style.

The butter soft havana brown leather has undergone a tried and tested vegetable tanning process, which ensures that the leather remains soft and durable year after year. If properly cared for, a purchase from Pampeano is a purchase for life.

Brillo means "glow", and this luxury cosmetic bag can house all the products that you use to glow and shine. All of Pampeano's wash bags are versatile, and can house more than just make up. Dental care, hair products and toiletries can all fit inside.

Dimensions: 23.5cm x 6cm x 12.5cm (LxWxH)