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DucksWax Water Repelling Leather Tonic 500ml by DucksWax

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Product Description

DucksWax is 100% natural. Once applied and allowed to soak in, the surface of your leather is left grease free making DucksWax the perfect treatment for all leather furniture, leather car seats, Leather Clothing and Leather Boots. It will not leave a sticky residue. For all outdoor leathers DucksWax repels water and moisture and is a favorite amongst Motorcyclists, Horse riders, Golfers, Hikers and anybody who spends time outdoors.


  • Translucent meaning DucksWax can be used on ANY colour leather
  • The product will not harden and crack
  • The ultimate in long lasting protection
  • Sweet smelling
  • 100% Natural
  • Leather Food. Moisturize-soften-preserve.
  • Helps to waterproof your leather
  • 3 Sponges included