Gerber Linedriver Line Management Multi Tool

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Linedriver Line Management Multi Tool by Gerber

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Product Description

The Linedriver Line Management Multi Tool by Gerber is a compact and dual ended tool that simplifies line management with a range of essential functions. One end rotates to swiftly tie knots and clear eyelets, while the other end boasts a crimper, hook threader, and scissor snips. It includes a pocket clip and tether point for secure and easy access. The more time you spend with your line out of the water, the less time you have to catch fish. The Linedriver Line Management Multi Tool is designed to streamline this process by serving as an all in one fishing line tool.

This versatile tool encompasses six key line management functions, each carefully tailored to simplify knot tying and handling various types of line. Each function is purpose driven, offering an intuitive solution for every step of the process. The spinning hook vice securely clamps onto hooks or lures, rotating the line as you tie knots and ensuring your fingers stay clear while cinching them tight. An eyelet clearing spike effectively removes debris and old line, making it easier to thread new line through. The rotating tether point allows freedom of movement when using the tool while keeping it securely attached.


The opposite end of the tool takes care of the heavy lifting in line management, offering functions for cutting, crimping, and threading delicate lines. The dual serrated scissor snips offer an innovative twist on a common tool: when unlocked, they function as full range scissors capable of handling thicker lines, and when locked, they bias slightly open for quick pull through cuts when clipped on a pocket. A split shot crimper is conveniently located at the tip of the scissor snips for added utility. The hook threader simplifies the process of funnelling line through the eyelet for quick exchanges, saving you both time and frustration.


  • Spinning line vice
  • Tether ring
  • Eyelet clearing spike
  • Hook threader
  • Scissor snips remain slightly open to cut line while clipped to pocket
  • Split shot crimper


Body: 6061 aluminum, flat sage + orange Sliding lock