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Trabajo Cashmere Scarf - Beige & White by Pampeano

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Product Description

Introducing the luxurious Trabajo Cashmere Scarf by Pampeano, measuring 70x200cm and crafted from 100% pure cashmere. Its unmistakable softness and fine quality create an elegant flowing shape when draped around the body or used as a shawl.

The white and sandy beige wool woven into chevrons forms a herringbone pattern, reminiscent of geometric designs found in native South American nomadic tribes' textiles. Inspired by the Andes Mountains' mystique, this scarf evokes their silhouettes with peaks and troughs on the horizon, reflecting the region's diamond like patterns. Perfect for cool summer evenings or cold winter days, its fine-knit cashmere offers stylish comfort and can be tightly folded for long journeys and flights.